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Sardine Tin Story Board


For my initial idea the story is going to take place entirely in a workplace elevator. The main character, Phillip is  an overly nervous, socially awkward business man. We’re not quiet sure what he does for a living but whatever it is we know he hates it and his life very much. The scene is set in the morning of a busy day at work, everyone is trying to get in on time. He calls the elevator which he is very uncomfortable about getting into to then find it completely packed with people he works with…and hates. This then makes him even more uncomfortable and uneasy. As the elevator begins to move up in a very slow pace a colleague of his pops up from behind the crowd. Now this guy is more than just obnoxious. Everything he does is just pure annoying. He approaches Phillip and begins to talk to him about his weekend. This makes Phillip even more uncomfortable. Now Phillip’s internally monologue comes in and we find out that he doesn’t know this guys name or who he is. The story from there on is pretty clear, progressing from his internal monologue he blurts out the question “who are you?”which ends the short on an uncomfortable high. The colleague is annoyed, Phillip is unhappy scared and uneasy and if all goes well the audience are left feeling just as awkward as he is.


Character Research: George Oscar Bluth II (Gob)

Continuing on from the last two posts, I’ll be looking more closely at the character of Gob from Arrested Development. He will be my main reference for the character of the over bearing colleague. Gob is a failed magician who’s life is revolved around gaining his fathers attention. He’s the eldest child of the Bluth family and always feels the need to over exaggerate to insure that he has all the attention on him and that he is the best compared to his brother.


For my character I want to create a similar demeanor, I want the colleague to be load over bearing and lies to get attention. His stories have to be the best and everyone has to listen to him and what he’s doing. This type of character goes well with my story line as it clashes with the main fish’s personality type. The main guy, Phillip, is really awkward and shy, suffers from serious social anxiety issues, similar to the personality or character of Buster from Arrested Development who is the youngest brother and struggles being his own man. He cant cope with regular social situations and is constantly attacked by his older brother Gob. For my character he will just be faced with being forced to have a conversation he wouldn’t be comfortable with having with the over confident personality type. This will create the social situation which would carry the cringe factor while being aided by the idea of the elevator scene awkwardness.


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Art Style Research: BoJack Horesman

Another style like this to look at would be the Netflix show BoJack Horseman. This show is an adult American Netflix TV series. The humor in it is something I would also like to use as reference for my animation as well as the art style.


Similar to Business Cat the whole idea is animals with human bodies. Both universes have humans in them as well, the humor of the show and the comic comes from the whole idea of animals acting like humans but keeping some animalistic traits in their day to day life. This is what I want to create for my universe but without having humans feature in it.

The comedic technique in this show is something I want to imitate, in particular I want to look at the attributes of BoJack for the character of the over confident colleague who makes my main guy feel uncomfortable. The actor who plays him is Will Arnett, I think he does a wonderful job as he is very much a type cast of that over bearing cocky personality character. In an ideal world I would have him voice my “colleague”character but the most I can do is attempt to write in a similar way to make that come across.

screen-shot-2016-07-22-at-54923-pmpng.jpgIn the second season there was an underwater episode where we see a whole new world (pardon the pun) in a completely silent episode of the show. It was really interesting to see how they would interpret how fish would live in this universe. In this part of the world the fish all have their own version of a city, it’s likely to be imitating either New York or Japan, probably a weird combination of the two. From what I’ve read about in other reviews they all seem to come to the same conclusion, that its crazy. This is what I like about this show, the stupidity of how the writer makes everything make sense. It all seems so ridiculous yet normal for the people living in this universe.

For my universe I’m only going to be showing fish and such in the background, I wont make it obvious whether they are living on dry land or underwater as I don’t think that’s a detail necessary to my story line.

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